All of our products are available as either fully installed or as a  supply only option.

  • UPVC Windows & Doors
  • Security Glass
  • Soundproof Glass
  • One Way Mirror Glass
  • Integral Blinds
  • Triple Glazing
  • Double Glazing
  • Stained Glass Encapsulation
  • Splashbacks
  • Misty/Fogged/Blown double glazed units

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Can I have my existing glass changed but still keep the frames?

Answer: YES, there is no need to replace your frames if they are in good condition, we specialise in replacing the glass only at a fraction of the cost of new frames.

Do I need planning permission or building regulation authorisation?

Answer: NO. Because we are only replacing the glass & not the frame then no building regulation or planning permission is required. In most cases the glass we will be installing is to a higher specification than the original so you would be improving the performance of the windows.

What is your guarantee period?

We offer a 10 year guarantee for all glass glazed into a UPVC frame & a 5 year guarantee for all glass glazed into timber frames

How long does it take to install the glass?

It takes around 15 minutes to replace a double glazed unit in a UPVC frame. It takes around 30 minutes to replace the double glazed unit into timber frames depending on the glazing method originally used.


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