Can I have my existing glass changed but still keep the frames?

Answer: YES, there is no need to replace your frames if they are in good condition, we specialise in replacing the glass only at a fraction of the cost of new frames.

Do I need planning permission or building regulation authorisation?

Answer: NO. Because we are only replacing the glass & not the frame then no building regulation or planning permission is required. In most cases the glass we will be installing is to a higher specification than the original so you would be improving the performance of the windows.

What is your guarantee period?

We offer a 10 year guarantee for all glass glazed into a UPVC frame & a 5 year guarantee for all glass glazed into timber frames

How long does it take to install the glass?

It takes around 15 minutes to replace a double glazed unit in a UPVC frame. It takes around 30 minutes to replace the double glazed unit into timber frames depending on the glazing method originally used.

Can I have security glass combined with energy efficient glass?

Answer: YES. You can combine security glass with energy efficient Low E glass 

Can I combine encapsulated stained glass with soundproof glass

Answer: YES. Our soundproof glass is compatible with any combination of glass within a double glazed unit.

My house is next to a busy road, how much quieter will it be with sound proof glass?

We offer 3 levels of sounproof glass depending on the noise source, room type & customer requirement. 

Your standard installed double glazing reduces sound by 31dB.

Our entry level 'Sound-Stop A' eliminates 36dB, a 16% reduction over standard glazing

Our mid range 'Sound-Stop AA' eliminates 39dB, a 26% reduction over standard glazing

Our top of the range 'Sound-Stop AAA' eliminates 42dB, a 35% reduction over standard glazing

You can combine sound proof glass with any other product to create the perfect combination and remember you don't need to change your frames, only the glass.

How does security glass work?

Our security glass incorporates 1 piece of high performance laminated glass within a double glazed unit. Laminated glass starts life as 2 individual sheets of glass that is then laminated together using an extra strong PVB interlayer. The finished laminated piece of glass will remaing held together even after it is broken because the PVB interlayer acts as a glue. Security glass is ideal fo any large glazed areas that might be vulnerable to burglary such as conservatories and patio doors.

How can I make my windows more private

If you require privacy but still want to see out then our One Way Mirror Glass is your best solution. This glass allows you to see out of the property but anyone looking in can only see a mirrored effect. If you require obscurity then simply choose any obscure glass from the Pilkington Glass range of pattern glass.


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